Between the Worlds Church is a radically inclusive, queer/poly inclusive, body positive, and gender inclusive church that combines Wiccan, Pagan, and other magickal traditions with the message of love and compassion of Jesus Christ. We respect each other and remember that all of our beliefs are equally valid. We love God/dess (however one sees God/dess), and we include Jesus in our spiritual practice, however He may come to us.

In the last few years, many pagans and Christians are opting to form more syncretic practices that include both magickal and mystic practices with elements of Christianity. Through Rev. Gina’s own experiences in providing Wiccan Christian rituals, many pagans and Christians have expressed the desire for more of these rituals on a regular basis. This is the community that Between the Worlds Church hopes to serve.

We are also intentionally radically inclusive: anyone of any race, age, gender identity, relationship identity, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation will be welcome to come and worship. Between the Worlds Church will be doing this work through providing monthly services, holiday services, pastoral care and spiritual direction, and by doing community service projects in conjunction with other the churches that host Between The Worlds Church rituals. The church started as a house church in Cupertino, CA. Since April 2014, the church offers services in Oakland at City of Refuge UCC.

If you would like to be a part of this new church, or would like to stay up to date on events and happenings, please join our email list. You can also join us on Facebook.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please feel free to contact Rev. Gina personally at worthyadvisor@gmail.com.

For the basic ideas behind the creation of this church, and more information about Wiccan-Christian practice in general, please read Rev. Gina’s work: Between the Worlds: A Wiccan Christian Liturgy. This will eventually become a book available in electronic and paper forms.