Regular Church Services

Services are held the third Saturday of the month at the City of Refuge UCC in Oakland at 3 PM. If you are able, please bring a snack to share after the service. Services, unless otherwise specified, will include a Eucharist and annointing. To respect and include those in recovery, there will be no alcohol and the Eucharist is always gluten free. Please check the Event Calendar for any schedule changes.

Rev. Gina’s Skype Office Hours

Have questions about Between the Worlds Church? Or questions about multi-faith practice? Do you need spiritual direction or need to make an appointment? Do you want to ask questions about doing a special ritual? Rev. Gina will be available via Skype to answer your questions! Office hours generally Tuesday through Friday from around 10 AM to 5 PM Pacific time (PST/PDT) via Skype. Her Skype handle is worthyadvisor. Or you can contact her through Google Hangout via

Please give!

Your cash donations at services allow us to hold services at our host church and allows us to do the work we need to do! Even a dollar will help! So, when you see the donation box during service, please give what you can! And if you can’t give, you can give of your prayers or service! Thank you for all that you can give!

Other Services

If you would like to have your wedding, baby blessing, or any other special rituals through Between The Worlds Church, please contact Rev. Gina for an appointment (in person, by phone, or via Skype/Google Hangout).