Rev. Gina A. Pond — Pastor


Gina was initiated into an Alexandrian-type coven in 1999, and received her Third Degree on Beltane of 2010 in the Circle of Cerridwen, along with her wife. In November 2013, she was approved for ordination in the Progressive Christian Alliance, and had her ordination ceremony on March 15, 2014. She graduated from Pacific School of Religion with a Masters of Divinity in May 2014. She is also on the Minister’s Board at City of Refuge, UCC.

Currently, her personal practice consists of Open Source Alexandrian Wicca, Christianity, prayer, meditation, shamanism, trancework, a little aromatherapy/herbalism, little splashes of Enochian/Ceremonial, some Feri techniques, as well as techniques from other various religious traditions.

She is also the host of the This Week In Heresy podcast. This Week In Heresy is a weekly interview show where Rev. Gina interviews those who are exploring the boundaries of progressive thought, religion, and social justice.


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Denise Cicuto


Denise Cicuto is a Witch and Healer. She is a second degree Priest in the Circle of Cerridwen, a coven in the Open Source Alexandrian tradition. She was raised in the Catholic Church and then went to find her own way for a while. Between the Worlds Church made her realize that she could still have Jesus in her life while being a practicing pagan. Denise is also a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist.

Part of Denise’s spiritual mission includes leading an interfaith ceremony for those who have experienced pregnancy loss. The ceremony is called Spirit Babies and takes place at least once a year around the Winter Solstice

Connie McEntee


Connie is a Christian kitchen witch who was given her first degree initiation into the Circle of Cerriedwen in February 2014. She has been accepted into the incoming class for 2014-15 at the Pacific School of Religion for the Master’s of Divinity and Certificate of Sexuality and Religion programs with the goal of being ordained in the United Church of Christ.

Her relationship with the UCC in particular and Protestantism in general began when she joined the Congregational Church of San Mateo in March 1988, while attending a private, all-boys, Catholic high school. She would wander to and from CCSM till truly returning in 2011, not long after her gender transition began. In November 2013, she was rebaptized with her chosen name at that church. It was that baptism that ultimately led her to begin the process of applying to seminary.

When not dabbling in queer and trans young adult fiction, she can also be blogging on WordPress and Tumblr.